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In 2017 it started out as a GOAT Skills DB Camp - an event that offered some of the greatest of our time actually coaching the athletes for a two-day event (no cameos here). I got with my friends - Rod Woodson, Darrell Green, and Deion Sanders and we put on a clinic of what it means to be the best when you're playing and to give back to the next generation. My favorite part of that camp in 2017 was working directly with athletes on their technique and having them hear and see how the best to ever do it approached drills, moves, and the football attitude. ​

An athlete's next level starts with the greatest of all time. What attracts all athlete's to their sport is the performance of the greatest in that sport. We want to "be like" and so we try it. Those who like it and are good, keep moving up in their sport. But moving up doesn't mean you'll maximize your altitude without focusing on your attitude. 


GOAT Skillswas founded for one simple reason - to help athletes get better - at everything they touch in life. We know that to be the best, you must train with and from the best. We continue to assemble some of the greatest sports minds on athletic stages and in sports leadership. You can get workouts, assessments, and much more when you visit

Visit today and find out where your next level is headed.

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