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PLAYER: NFL 13 yrs All Pro
COACHING: 19 yrs
HOMETOWN: Louisville, KY
COLLEGE: Purdue University

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"Life is a journey. A career takes you on a journey. When you layer sports at elite levels into the mix, you get a life full of people, performance, and lessons. There are no two athletes alike. There are no two retired athletes alike. How you spend the time in your life creates the 'time of your life'. 


As I grew into my coaching career, I realized I fell into the mistake of only talking about and showcasing my football pursuits to the the public. You don't get to my age by just knowing one thing - not football, or anything else. Building a life is about building relationships; serving your community; and helping others around you to reach their goals and dreams. People see me and want to talk about certain games, when I was on certain teams. That's great! I love talking about that too. But I also think it's important for people to understand - especially our aspiring young athletes that having a 13-year pro career and 19+ year coaching career has a ton of non-football moments woven throughout your life. 


From school, to family relationships, to your faith - it will all be tested in ways you can't even imagine as you are growing up and growing through the journey. I founded GOAT Skills LLC for the specific purpose to educate young athletes on the 'Sports +' side of being in athletics. As great as being a professional athlete is, the greatest gift is the lifetime lessons you get in a compact period of time in your life. Knowing how to transfer those lessons out of your sport and into your next chapters in life - that's the key. 


This is not a 'look at me' site. This is a look at what God can do during your journey too. I hope you can continue to believe in your own success. Believe in your hard work. Believe in the grind. Believe in winning in practice. Believe in your preparation. Believe in outpacing expectations. Believe in building your community. Believe. In. Yourself."

Cris Dishman

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